C MINER PVT LTD [CIN U72900TN2021PTC147713]

These are the operational guidelines formulated for meeting requirements of statutory agencies who are seeking data on C Miner Private Limited Customer account records. This information are subjected to change at any time.

About C Miner Pvt Ltd

We, C Miner Pvt Ltd, are a company incorporated and licensed under the Companies Act 2013 (hereinafter referred as C Miner Pvt Ltd), we are owners and operators of the internet based platform, for hash power providing Business.

We request the Law enforcement, regulatory and statutory agencies (hereinafter referred to as “Enforcement Agencies”) to use these guidelines to send information requests to us. We will review each case and cooperate on a case-by-case basis to disclose information as legally required, in accordance with our terms of use, privacy policy, and applicable laws for the time being in force.

We collect, use and store customer records in accordance with the C Miner Pvt Ltd’s terms of use and privacy policy, as modified from time to time. This also includes data secured from users for opening a CMiner Pvt Ltd user account, assuring better services to our customers, in accordance to the regulatory requirements.

Our Nodal Office

We have a designated Nodal Officer to cooperate and coordinate with Law Enforcement Agencies on their request to disseminate such information pertaining to our customer’s transactions that occurred on our trading platform. This is done with a view to assist them in any investigation or to fulfil any legal requirements. You may note that in some requests, we may seek additional details to ensure that the released data is shared in full legal compliance.

Law Enforcement Agencies are requested to forward their request to furnish such information regarding the customer transactions that had taken place on our trading platform in the manner specified below.

Mandatory details required by C Miner Private Limited for sharing data:

At C Miner Pvt Ltd we shall verify the authenticity of the Law Enforcement Agency that has sent us the data sharing request as the data being shared may contain, sensitive personal and financial details of an individual or an entity. For such verification purposes, the Law Enforcement Agency needs to include the following information on the subject:

a. An email communication through their official email IDs i.e. that the email id ending with and or similar domain names. We are legally bound not to disseminate any information to any individual or entity who chooses to communicate with us using private email ids, for security reasons.

b. In case, the Law Enforcement Agency chooses to direct the request through postal services then the letters are requested to be marked to our postal address “The Nodal Officer, CMiner Pvt Ltd, 4th Floor, A wing, No. 164/4 (Old No. 935/4), Periyar EVR Salai, Purasawalkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600084.

c. The Letter/Notice (on the letterhead of the concerned office) are ideally be appropriately signed and stamped by the relevant Law Enforcement Agency.

d. In order to furnish the most accurate data, we require the following information regarding a user/transaction to assist the relevant Law Enforcement Agency.

  • i. All known email addresses
  • ii. Bank Account Numbers
  • iii. Name of the User/Suspected person / entities.
  • iv. Transaction details, if any.
  • v. PAN information of the User/Suspected person/entities.
  • vi. Contact information including but not limited to the mobile number/s

e. To the extent required under the applicable laws, the relevant reference number under which the investigation / legal proceedings are undertaken, and the statutory provision under which the information is being requested under.

Response Time by the recipient:

We would like to support or assist the relevant Law Enforcement Agency as quickly as possible but within the time limit specified under applicable laws, subject to receiving aforesaid information in an appropriate manner.

Upon receipt of the relevant information, we usually take approximately 48 hours or less (calculated for working days) to reply to the request. However, you may note that in the absence of relevant information we may take longer than the approximate time specified, which depends on the available data with us. In any case, we will try to abide by the timelines prescribed under the laws.

The relevant Law Enforcement Agency may use the following details for communication while sending their requests.

Nodal Desk Email id: [email protected]